Military and Defense
Pulleys manufactured for use by the U.S. military and Department of Defense must comply with stringent military specifications (Mil-Spec). Mil-Spec includes tight tolerances for dimensions of parts and the ability of equipment to withstand extreme ambient conditions in storage and in operation.Durability, reliability, and high quality performance are also essential to any components used in these applications. Our pulleys are widely used throughout all branches of the military & defense industries. Ralmark Company is an approved QPL supplier of flight control pulleys that meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-DTL-7034. Ralmark Company is AS9100 and ISO9001 certified to manufacture flight control pulleys for the aerospace industry. we manufacture to the highest industry standards and outsource specific industrial processes (i.e., anodizing, chemical conversion coating, etc.) to one of our certified quality partners, ensuring quality and safety at every stage of the fabrication process.

Detail Specification

MIL-DTL-7034F (superseded MIL-P-7034) : Pulleys, Groove, Antifriction Bearing, Grease Lubricated, Aircraft, General Specification For

Detail Specification Sheets

MIL-DTL-7034/1 – Cross Reference MS20219 (superseded AN219) : Pulley, Groove, Secondary Control, Aircraft

MIL-DTL-7034/2 – Cross Reference MS20220 (superseded AN220) : Pulley, Groove, Flight Control, Aircraft
MIL-DTL-7034/3 (superseded AN221) – Cross Reference MS20221 : Pulley, Groove, Secondary Control, Aircraft

MIL-DTL-7034/4 – Cross Reference MS24566 (superseded AN210) : Pulley, Control, Anti-friction Bearing, Aircraft

Ralmark Company has a long history of creating and customizing pulleys for our customers needs. With over 50 years of experience in aerospace manufacturing, let Ralmark Company be a partner in your success. Please contact us to access our team of experts.

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