Wire and Cable Manufacturing
Ralmark Company pulleys are the choice of users in the wire cable industry that need a product that provides excellent wear resistance and longevity. Our engineering team will collaborate with you on a pulley that meets your requirements and will allow you to draw, strand, and cable wire efficiently and effectively. Let us be your wire-winding pulley solution source.

Wire and cable processing sheave applications:

Medical Tubing

Wire and Cable Winding Machines

Cable Drawing

Cable Stranders

Re-spooling and Packaging

Wire braiding assemblies

Capstans and Blocks

Wire rope closing machines

Wire coiling machines

Speaker voice coil winding machines

Ralmark Company has a long history of creating and customizing pulleys for our customers needs. With over 50 years of experience in aerospace manufacturing, let Ralmark Company be a partner in your success. Please contact us to access our team of experts.

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