Theater and Stage Rigging
Modern theater stage effects demand more from rigging components than ever before. A theatrical stage is comprised of many complex rigging components. We have a wide selection of pulleys and sheaves built to the highest standards for safety and reliability. We also offer pulleys in a wide range of material for your custom applications that play a crucial role in determining your success.

Some Theater and Stage Rigging Applications include:

Sound Systems

Movie Production

Sets and Scaffolding


Stage Effects

Spot Line Tensioners

Safety Harnesses

Batten Attachment

Counterweight Line Systems

Stage Elevators

Move Wagons

Mule & Turnarounds

Track Lines

Spot Blocks

Deck Sheaves

Double Ups & Double Downs

SkyWireand Track Cam Systems

Ralmark Company has a long history of creating and customizing pulleys for our customers needs. With over 50 years of experience in aerospace manufacturing, let Ralmark Company be a partner in your success. Please contact us to access our team of experts.

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